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 1st World Master Athletics Championships Indoor
Winter Throwing - Cross Country - Road Walking
Sindelfingen 2004


March 1st

VIPs ‘en masse’ in Sindelfingen!


After the IAAF and the EAA announced their coming, the VIP area has been gradually getting fuller every day. The president of the German Athletics Federation, Clemens Prokop, will now be joined in Sindelfingen by Vice President, Theo Rous, who will also be meeting the General Secretary of the IMGA, Börge Kaas-Andersen from Denmark.
Another General Secretary will be coming to the Glaspalast: IAAF ‘General’ Istvan Gyulai – he will remain in Württemberg after the World Championships have finished for the IAAF Masters Committee meeting. It will be a searching time for the Chairman, Cesar Moreno Bravo, when the masters committee discusses new ideas for the sport. The Mexican will have previously gained some impressions of the championships.

New combined events points system on trial
It’s a premiere as well for Bernd Rehpenning from Garbsen: the age group factors that he has kept and continually updated for more than two decades – over 25,000 pieces of data are available – will be on trial in Sindelfingen. They will be used alongside Rex Harvey’s WMA factors in the pentathlon on Wednesday and Thursday.
The WMA will discuss the factors at its follow-up meeting in San Sebastian and they will make a decision for the future.

No absence of changes
The multitude of athletes means there’s no absence of alterations. Not only athletes, over 40 media representatives will be coming to Sindlefingen as well.
Two disciplines have had to be partly relocated: the triple jump and the long jump in some age groups will now be taking place in the Molly-Schauffele-Halle in Stuttgart (see schedule)
Start number distribution will also have to ‘move’. On Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th, start numbers will be issued in the tennis hall restaurant and then from Wednesday onwards the whole of the tennis hall will be used.
Athletes and officials will be understanding as nobody expected such numbers for the premiere – not even in their wildest dreams. The cooperation and flexibility of the Württemberg officials has again and again found excellent solutions for all kinds of problems...



IAAF  President Lamine Diack to come to Sindelfingen!


Everything’s been finalised and it’s a sensation. The efforts of WMA President Torsten Carlius and EVAA President/DLV Vice-President Dieter Massin have now been  rewarded. After EAA President Hansjörg Wirz confirmed that he would be visiting the inaugural World Masters Athletics Championships Indoors at the European masters association’s jubilee dinner in Riccione last year, IAAF Präsident Lamine Diack has now written announcing that he will also be attending.
Lamine Diack will be arriving in Sindelfingen straight from the IAAF World Indoor  Championships in Budapest and will stay three days in Württemberg so that he can get an idea about masters athletics.
"The presence of Diack and Wirz is a special mark of recognition and respect for international masters sport!" said Carlius and Massin. For years both have determinedly striven to gain recognition and regard for masters sport at and on all possible bodies and committees. World-wide. Whether at the IAAF, at  the EAA or even at the masters sport federation, the IMGA.
Carlius/Massin have now come decisively closer to attaining their goal and both have the opportunity to introduce the best age group to the representatives of the  international athletics scene.
It is also the first time that the Presidents of the IAAF and EAA have ever visited masters championships.


... the kite is flying!


At first it was just an exchange of ideas during the inspection of the “Glaspalast” indoor arena last year in March, when the German  representatives put forward an outdoor modification to the 1st Masters World Championships Indoor. Torsten Carlius and Vice-President Rex Harvey were pleased to take up the idea. It was discussed in council and was  then presented as a “flying kite” to the General Assembly last year in  Puerto Rico. The talk is about outdoor programmes in throwing, x-country and  road walking. Although running, walking and throwing exist in a “one off” form within the indoor programme, who’d want to come along to a championships for just a “one off” - meaning single - offer such as the shot  put....?

Thus, the discus, hammer, javelin and weight throwing events – known in Germany as “The Winter Throwing Championships” – were added, the long distance runners received a x-country offer and the walkers, in addition to a bendy 3000 m on the indoor track, can look forward to a 10K road race. The athletes’ answer, gauging from the number of entries, is plain to see: 598 entries – male and female – have arrived for the additional winter throwing programme – a really impressive number! 169 long distance runners of both sexes have entered and a top result has also been chalked-up by the walkers with 153 entries.

The German idea to “let the kite fly” has been clearly confirmed by the entries. And now both bidding cities (Linz in Austria and Ancona in Italy) for the for the 2nd Masters World Championships Indoor in 2006 are already required by the WMA to show the delegates the facilities for throwing, x-country and walking at their presentation to the Extraordinary General Meeting on Saturday, 13 March.

Now the WMA must remember their duty and also confer official championship status upon the outdoor programme and not as in Sindelfingen where they are only have demonstration or non-championships event status. The town’s compact championships should also become a trend-setter for Linz and Ancona, for, after having been so spoiled at the premiere where one will be able to reach everything with a bit of footwork, one would like to see the same standard at the next instalment.

Motto for Sindelfingen: By car, bus or regular shuttle right up to the entrance of the arena, from there on it’s footwork...


Hirering bars for Pole Vault



Nations and disciplines analysis


Everything's certain now: the exact number of nations coming to
Sindelfingen for the first masters world indoor championships, and also the
figures for the participants in each age group.
Read about it all on the home page of the local organisers:
Of the 2605 competitors, 2463 masters athletes come from the 34 European
federations, just 142 stem from the regions, Africa (30), Asia (13), Australia (9) and America (north: 85, south: 5).

The rough draft of the timetable is also complete and is with the WMA Vice
President, Rex Harvey, to be controlled and approved. Once sanctioned it
will be made public immediately at

Feb. 8th

First overviews from the entries


Feb. 6th

Top-Ten of the Registrations


After another night-shift Gerhard Müller, the project-leader of the first Sindelfingen indoor championship's organisation committee, has changed the registration's result a little bit: from 56 countries alltogether 2603 senior athletes have registerd, of whom 1877 are male and 726 are female.
Regarding the number of participants these countries are headed by the host Germany which will send 1214 into the arena. The second are the British with 183 registrations, followed by the French with 182 senior athletes.
Among the top-ten are nine European nations, the athletes from the USA are in the middle. And here the rest of the "ranking":
4. Italy:130, 5.Spain:66, 6.USA: 64, 7. Netherlands: 58, 8. Austria: 55, 9. Belgium: 50 and 10. Finland with 50 seniors.
Nine associations want to send each one participant to this indoor world premiere: Egypt, Afghanistan, Argentina, Armenia, Brazil, Chile, Jamaika, Namibia, and Zimbabwe.


Feb. 5th

Meldeflut für Sindelfingen


Von 1500 bis 2100 gingen die Mutmaßungen, was die Meldezahlen für die ersten Hallentitelkämpfe in Sindelfingen Anfang März anging. Nun steht es fest: 2609 Seniorensportler haben sich für die Hallenmeisterschaften in der württembergischen Stadt gemeldet.
Ein wahrlich stolzes Meldeergebnis, das niemand erwartet hatte.
Bedenkt man nun, dass im Vorjahr bei den "Stadion-Meisterschaften" des Weltverbandes in Carolina (Puerto Rico) 2596 Athleten an den Start gingen, so kann man in etwa ermessen, was dieses Meldeergebnis bedeutet. Zudem muss weiter in Betracht gezogen werden, dass in Carolina die "Stadion-Meisterschaften" an zehn Tagen mit einer wesentlich höheren Anzahl an Disziplinen angeboten wurden.
Die 2609 Athleten für Sindelfingen kommen aus 53 Nationen der Welt, wobei Europa den Hauptanteil stellen wird (33 Länder).
Die Organisatoren in Sindelfingen haben sich nun an die Arbeit gemacht, erstellen den detaillierten Zeitplan und überprüfen noch alle Meldungen auf ihre Richtigkeit (Altersangaben, Disziplinwahl u.ä.), ehe die Meldungen bestätigt und im Programmheft abgedruckt werden.
Der Deutsche Leichtathletik-Verband wird übrigens die größte Mannschaft in Sindelfingen stellen: 1214 Athleten kommen aus deutschen Vereinen (= 46,5% der Gesamtteilnehmer).



Finals in Sindelfingen


Exactly 25 years after a Senior World Championship in Hannover in 1979, Germany again is the host of a masters' world meeting. From March 10 to 14 - 2004 the world premiere of the indoor championship takes place in Sindefingen in Baden-Württemberg. The most important places of this competition are the "Glaspalast", "Floschenstadion", "Allmendstadion" and cross and walk tracks near the halls.
With regard to the number of participants there is still a question mark set by the  World Masters Athletics (WMA), the world association of seniors' athletics and and the local organizers. As there are no former experiences it is assumed that between 1500 and 2100 will participate. The worldwide deadline for the seniors sportsmen application was on January 20. Up to these days applications arrived and made it difficult to evaluate them quickly, which had been important to organize a final schedule.
The state of today (Wednesday, the 4 of February) is clear: all the expectations have been overcome. More than 2500 athletes have registered definitely, a nation registration is still expected and on its postal way. For these reasons it is obvious that Sindelfingen will face a special premiere.


Dec. 17th

The LOC signed the contracts for the Championchips in  Sindelfingen.


Bild: Vertragsunterzeichung

Aug. 21st

The Competition Venues

Aug. 18th

Invitation to the Championships

Aug. 16th

The Entry Booklet is in the making

Aug. 16th

 Site Plan of the Competition Venues